Is humanity a crime?

We live in a world were being human is crime.

People rather be alone than associate.

Technology have stolen our mind, made us blind to what is right in front of us.

In the buses we avoid each other like a disease.

Everybody is looking for an empty row instead of next available seat.

Instead of engaging,we sit alone in away form interaction.

“Hello how are you” is now an offense, a word we dare not say to strangers except online.

We can chat online with strangers for hours, but become mute when we meet face to face. Where have we gone wrong

Is begin human that bad, that we have to treat each other with such curtly. That our love for things are more than our love for our kind or the value for life.

Has we lost faith and trust so much that pets can now replace human companionship.

Have we falling so low that we are now slave to our own invention.

Are we so far gone that checking on neighbors is a crime known as trespassing.

That being nice to one another is considered stupid. That caring for others is seen as disturbances. Where has humanity gone wrong?


How long will I feel like this?

My hart is guarded. A wall has been built.

The bridge has broken. The doors is short tight.

I have an army ready to attack.

Yeah I want something meaningful, but my defense push people away.

I scared to let love in because am terrified that it will leave me again,and left me hurting.

I want to tear down my defenses but my mind kept reminding me the reason it was setup in the first place.

I want something beyond explanation,but sometimes when I find it, it rejects me. Where as,making the wall thicker. The more the pain the thicker the wall that is how the game works

I hope to find someone to take away the pain. I hope meeting them will smooth my soul. But for now all I have is me,the willingness for change and to ability to make a change and that is okay.

Just another cold night

Looking out the window, the snow falls gently.

The wind singing its song. Whispering in my ears is the cold winter breeze.

Yet I sit there not listening,but just wondering and imagining how great it will be to feel the warmth again.

Thinking how great it will be if you are mine. Like how long should I have to compete

The coldness is getting stronger, tho my room is like an oven set to max.

Yet my heart is frozen.

Each day I yarn for you and each night I wish you were with me.

You voice melts my frozen heart and your smile brings warmth to my soul

As I said I wish you are mine . But I guess is just another cold night

Is it love at first sight?

It was like a dream, a reality that doesn’t exist. I was dumbfounded

from the first day I saw her. she was attractive, gorgeous and fabulous but my mind yearns for something more. Something beyond her beauty.

I was captivated, lost in the wonders that is her. Trying not to lose

My self I tried to make sense of it but to no avail . it has been long since I’ve felt this way. It has been long since my heart and mind have been aligned.

Both Wanting and seeking the same thing. l can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this way. She is like a star, shining so bright that it warms my heart. She is like the sun because she makes the darkness go away.

It was disappointing. I was furious but my gentle nature got the best of me.

My heart still yearns for her but my mind is slightly giving up. Now I’m confused, am I losing interest? Should I push harder or leave it to fate? I am scared, terrified that being me won’t work. But being me is the only thing I know.

Is a lie worth it? Is deception the way to go? Is working for them,it might work for me. Then the voice in my head said snap out of it. They are not you and you are not wired that way.

Will you sell your soul to impress. Or be yourself and experience pure acceptance, pure love that is not shrouded in lies.

Then I ask myself is this Love at first sight or am I losing my mind?

Me and Poetry

C9F76BC6-4FCC-4972-A876-DA8878ED2BAATo be honest am not writer. It has never been a set of skills that I acquired. I only write poems because its a way for me to express myself, It made me feel human again. Unable to cry for any emotional pain, My poem is all I have. It has  helped me in so many ways more than once. It had helped me understand myself better.

When you are like me who had be through a lot in life, it takes sometime  special to keep you going. Especially in this stressful times, when everything sometime seem like they are working against you. When you feel alone in the world even though you are in the mist of  thousands and when the pressure of expectations tries to bury you alive. You need something to keep you going. Somewhere to to let all that bottled in emotions out while looking forward and working toward a better future with a life of happiness.

To me that safe zone is poetry, the love of art and nature. These has been my escape zone. The medicine that has kept me sene.Hope it helps you too.


The confused fighter

The concept of love is lost to me.

Am I being selfish ? To think I know it or am I self absorbed?

to think I understand.

Is love an illusion or is it a reality?

My mind is at war with my hart.

And my heart tries to battle my being.

My being is fighting my reality.

Reality in turn tries to seize control of my mind.

Confused ,lost , forgotten and wondering.

But this question kept ringing in my mind

“Is love an illusion or is it real?